My love for photography started around the age of 12 when I was shown pictures from a wedding that a friend attended.  I thought they were beautiful & needed to purchase that same camera that captured those beautiful images. Back then it was an instamatic Canon Sure shot.  I took it absolutely everywhere with me along with rolls and rolls of film.  A while later,  I met my husband that came with his own SLR. Bonus!  Well it didn’t stay his for long.  Photography became an obsession for me.  Over the years I am truly grateful for all the wonderful DSLR cameras & lenses gifted to me by my husband.
Who needs diamonds? For me, cameras are a girl’s best friend! It’s the gift that keeps on giving.  All those special  memories to look back on years later.
After years of working in an office, I am excited to follow my true passion.  From learning about your parties’ theme, having your personality shine through in the photos,  to adding those special touches in the final edited images, I love everything about photography!
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Portraits / Babies – Children – Teens – Adults – Couples - Families
Parties / Special Occasions - Formal Affairs
School Events – Sporting Events
Head Shots

* Additions to Products, Gallery, Specials, will be made continuously, check back soon.